Meet the Children

Who are the children in Rhode Island state care waiting for adoption? They are children who need love, guidance, and a sense of belonging that only a family can provide.

They are children with many strengths and talents waiting to be nurtured.  They are Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic or Multi-Racial and come from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds.  There are children of all ages, although the majority is school-aged.  At any given time, there are approximately 150+ children in Rhode Island state care hoping for adoption.  Some of the children have siblings, and we try, whenever possible, to keep them together, honoring the importance of these relationships.

We encourage you to check out our photo gallery to learn about some of the individual children.  As you view these photos, please consider that these children live in our communities.  Please respect their right to privacy, and be aware that they may attend the same school, church, or playground as your children and relatives.  The availability of their pictures leaves the children recognizable and vulnerable to negative attention. As we strive to protect them, we ask for your help.

If you have completed and approved home study and would like more information about any of the children waiting for families, please contact our Recruitment and Matching team at 401-865-6000.

If you do not have a home study or completed the required training, please visit our Considering Adoption section for information about beginning the adoption process.

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