Born 2005
Jason is a very funny and charismatic young man!

Jason enjoys dancing and singing and he brings a smile to everyone who interacts with him. Jason has medical and developmental diagnosis that require extra attention and education to help him through his day and would do well with parents who have an understanding of these needs. Jason likes to play outside as well as using Ipad’s and other technology to entertain himself. He loves cartoons and really likes Ryder a character from PAW Patrol. He loves spending time with his mentors and they say ”He is a bundle of energy”.
Jason wants a family that will help him be creative with his arts and crafts and painting projects. He also likes to laugh and play around the house. Jason does not like to stay still for very long, he likes trying new games and toys. Jason loves to start the dance party and he loves to sing karaoke. Jason has a great spirit and he always is able to lift your spirits after spending some time with him.