Children Gallery


Born: 2013
“If I could have a superpower, it would be to shape shift into any animal I want!”



We would like to introduce you to Shirley. She is a happy, social, adventurous girl who loves to chat about many interesting things. She is bright and energetic. You could expect to see her outside playing made-up adventure games, hunting for lost jewels among the rocks and pretending to polish her treasure. Or you may find her having a playful “who can swing higher” competition with friends.

Shirley and an ARI staff member had a planking competition and they both held their planks for over 2 minutes while joking back and forth. She enjoys swim club and other physical activities that keep her strong and healthy.

Shirley is happy to share her knowledge of living creatures. Her favorite animals are lions, cats, and wolves. She was even a black cat for Halloween. Meeeooowww!

She is hoping to get a camera for her birthday so she can take photos of the trees, animals, and bugs she finds outside. She cares about nature and enjoys exploring in the woods, swimming, relaxing at the beach, and observing animals in their habitats. If she could have a superpower, it would be to shape shift into any animal. Now that would be COOL!

Shirley is also an artist. She is very creative and likes to draw and paint. She reads often and writes her own stories. She is so smart, can remember many facts, and has a vast imagination; I bet her stories will shine with the adventurous spirit she has inside her.

It is very important to Shirley that she stay connected with the people in her life that support her. She is open to all family types if they are willing to honor her current connections. Among those connections are her three sisters, who she loves to visit. Shirley would do best in a home with an adult(s) who can help her stay active physically and mentally, as well as give her the one-on-one attention she deserves. She thrives in an environment with clear rules, structure, and age-appropriate expectations.