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Aaliyah & Kaitlyn

Born: 2013 & 2014
“Because I have a sister, I will always have a friend.”


Two siblings, Aaliyah and Kaitlyn, want nothing more than to be able to grow up together. For these inseparable sisters, being apart is not an option. They are the constant connection in each other’s lives and can’t imagine it any other way.

Aaliyah is easygoing, cheerful and is a joy to be around. She cares deeply for her sister and their bond. She enjoys pastimes that are calm and relaxing such as watching Disney Pixar movies or listening to Disney music. Her favorites are Toy Story, The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo. Aaliyah spends time independently building Legos and loves to share her creations with her caregivers. Do you enjoy a variety of foods? Aaliyah would love to sit down for a delicious bowl of rice and beans or cheese ravioli with some Skittles for dessert! Aaliyah has been doing great in her school setting and thrives with the consistency and structure of her day. She gets along well with kids of all ages, has great boundaries, and loves to play with everyone. This social young lady loves hugs, interacting with others, and like many of us, getting positive attention!  Aaliyah would benefit from having one on one time with her caregivers, allowing her time to explore new independent interests and hobbies.

Kaitlyn is a determined, clever, and spirited young lady. Like her sister, Kaitlyn loves watching movies either on the big screen or on her tablet. Her favorites are Sophia the First and Frozen with a new interest in the Nickelodeon Shimmer and Shine series. She enjoys drawing and coloring with her sister. Kaitlin is a doll enthusiast; she loves playing with her favorite dolls and has quite the collection! Kaitlyn likes to go to the store with her caregivers to pick out new toys. While she does enjoy her down time, Kaitlyn also likes to be on the go. She recently tried bowling for the first time and quickly picked up on the technique to get a Strike!

And, who doesn’t love chicken nuggets? Kaitlyn would love to share an order of nuggets with you! Kaitlyn is working hard to increase her verbal communication; with consistency and caregiver encouragement, her skills have continued to improve. She can communicate with gestures or will bring you over to show you what she wants. She follows simple verbal instructions and can independently understand with guidance. You will certainly know she is happy by her bright smiles and giggles.

Aaliyah and Kaitlyn benefit from supportive services both within the home and educational settings. They are showing improvements with this consistency and support. Parents need to be consistent, energetic, understanding, and able to use humor to help guide Aaliyah and Kaitlyn but also have firm boundaries to motivate and encourage them to use and learn new independent skills.

Aaliyah and Kaitlyn have a beautiful bond that is worth maintaining. They are looking for a family who will meet their needs, love them unconditionally, keep them safe, and keep them together. Once you have agreed to those things it is all fun and games from there. Are you the family to make sure these two are never separated?