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Born 2010
“I want a family who has lots of pets and will do science experiments with me!”

Do you enjoy nature and learning about science? Rickie sure does! Rickie is a sweet and inquisitive boy who is up for a new adventure; especially if it involves learning about different types of insects and trees you can find in nature. Rickie has an infectious smile and a silly sense of humor; so, get ready to laugh away! He enjoys talking to others, especially random facts about the outdoors. Rickie likes going to school and enjoys learning; and you guessed it, his favorite subject is science!

Rickie likes to stay active and does well when provided with all different kinds of activities. Whether it’s playing outside and riding his skateboard or getting cozy inside and playing with his favorite action figures. Rickie’s wish is a for a family that loves animals as much he does. He would like a home that has a cat or dog, or other little creatures such as a hamster or bearded dragon! Rickie has a few favorite foods and is hesitant when trying new things, though, some of his favorite foods are cheese sticks, apples, and chocolate ice cream.

It is important for a family to maintain the important connections he has in his life. This kiddo deserves lots of love and attention and understanding of his past experiences. A family who is willing to support Rickie with expressing himself and his feelings is a must so he may always feel supported. Rickie does best with structure and routine and would thrive with a family who is able to provide this. Are you this family for Rickie?