Children Gallery


Born: 2010

“I want to stay in touch with my brothers…they are very important to me!”

Dianyelis is a young girl with natural charm! She is always up for fun and is the life of the party. Dianyelis has lots of energy and likes to stay active. Whether it is gymnastics, dancing, arts and crafts, or playing games…as long as she is busy, she is happy.

Dianyelis says her favorite part of school is gym. She spends lots of time doing her dolls hair and would love to practice her skills with a loving family. Dianyelis has said she looks forward to being a mother when she is older and believes she will be a very loving and kind parent.

Having a family to give clear and consistent boundaries and expectations would help support Dianyelis in growing into the beautiful person she is. Being separated from her siblings, it is important that their connections remain intact and she be supported in navigating this dynamic.

Dianyelis is open to all family types, but is excited by the idea of being the only child in a family. She looks forward to spending endless one on one time together.