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Born: 2009
“Bobby is an easy going young man who will bring joy to a family…”

Bobby is a sweet and charming teen who enjoys spending time with the trusted adults around him. Bobby is quite the athlete and participates in several unified sports programs. Some of his sports include Bowling, Softball, Basketball, Track & Field, Swimming and even Croquet! Bobby also enjoys playing at trampoline parks where he can spend time jumping and expending energy. While Bobby engages in a variety of sports and activities, he is equally happy with spending relaxing time on the couch watching movies or listening to music…especially Taylor Swift!

Although Bobby’s verbal communication is limited, his receptive communication is strong. He appreciates and excels having the consistency of structured routines with predictable outcomes. Bobby likes to help around the house and is learning to master his daily living skills, especially within the kitchen. Do you like Chicken? Bobby is a huge fan of anything chicken and will not turn down a meal at Chick-Fil-A or Kentucky Fried Chicken! Bobby’s food choices are well balanced, he enjoys a variety of fruits, vegetables and desserts.

Bobby benefits from supportive services both within the home and educational settings. He shows improvements with this consistency and support. Caregivers need to be consistent, understanding, and able to use humor to help guide Bobby but also have clear boundaries to motivate and encourage him to use and learn new independent skills.

Bobby has strong bonds with the adults in his life; It is important that he maintains a relationship with his current supportive connections. He would benefit from a family who will meet his needs, love him unconditionally and continue encouraging his personal growth. Once you have agreed to those things it is all fun and games from there. Are you the family to help Bobby thrive?