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Born: 2013

Sean’s smile and giggles can instantly light up a room!

Sean’s smile can instantly light up a room while bringing a sense of joy to everyone who spends time with him. His giggles are contagious and can quickly remind you to enjoy the little things in life.

Sean is at his happiest when he is able to play outside in the fresh air; jumping, running, climbing, sliding and exploring new jungle gyms. He loves to be active and keep his body and hands busy and has a curiosity for the way things work. His favorite indoor activities include Magna-Tiles, Marble Runs, Legos and any game that allows the opportunity to build and design different ways to play.

Sean also enjoys his “down time”, using electronics quietly and independently in his bedroom or lounging on the couch. However, more recently, he has become more social and interactive with caretakers and peers while exploring new activities. A good balance of activity and quiet time is perfect for Sean.

Sean is making great strides with consistent and supportive services that gives him the extra assistance and guidance to help him through his day. He would do well with a family who has an understanding of these needs or a willingness to learn more about them.

Sean loves hugs and cuddling, and like many of us, getting positive attention! He does well with predictable routines and gentle reminders throughout transitions. A family will need to be consistent, energetic, understanding, and able to use humor to help guide Sean. However, using firm boundaries to motivate and encourage him to use and learn new independent skills would also help Sean .

Sean is looking for a family who will keep him striving to learn, grow and meet his full potential. Once you have agreed to those things it is all fun and games from there!