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Born 2007
Joubert would love “Parents who will play basketball and go to the park with me and older siblings to look up to.”


Joubert is an energetic, high-spirited and humorous young man…..the busier he is the happier he is! He is quiet at first but can quickly open up and become the life of the party. He loves being outdoors, building Legos and playing sports. Engaging in physical activities helps him to work through difficult situations. His favorite sports include basketball and football, but he is also up to the challenge of trying new sports and activities.

Joubert enjoys time at the local YMCA where he hopes to learn karate. Swimming is also enjoyable for Joubert and it certainly puts a smile on his face! He recently had the opportunity to try horseback riding and was a natural-he cannot wait to continue riding. When not spending time outside he enjoys playing video games such as Madden Football, Roblox and Superhero games with Spiderman & Captain America. Joubert would love a family who will commit to spending individualized time with him and loves to stay active.

Joubert enjoys coconut water to drink and homemade lasagna for dinner. He would love to share a meal with family. Do you have a favorite meal to share?

Joubert would do best in an active family who would be able to provide regular supervision, attention and predictable routines. He would also love to someday have a pet to call his own-preferably a dog to play with. It is especially important that Joubert’s forever family are strong advocates for him so that he can receive all of the educational supports needed to help him be successful. Joubert would like a family who is willing to support him in building and strengthening skills while also exploring his heritage and maintaining birth family connections. Could you be the family that will love and support Joubert to reach his full potential?