Children Gallery


Born: 2007
“I want to work in the technology world making electronics better for the future”

Luis is an extremely inquisitive young man with a curiosity for computers. Luis enjoys taking them apart and building them back up. He is super into technology to say the least and can give you the specs for almost all devices. Luis also enjoys playing video games like Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox.
He also likes watching and playing football and basketball.

Luis mostly likes staying indoors, but he will go out for a hike or walk, especially if he can take a dog out with him. While outside Luis would love to fly a drone or play with remote control cars! After being outdoors, Luis needs to refuel. His favorite food is Chinese food, he really loves sesame chicken dumplings. Luis would enjoy sharing these experiences with others and looks forward to spreading his knowledge of technology with a family.