Children Gallery


Born 2008

“The most important thing about a family is that they are really nice.”

Dilan is full of energy and spontaneity. Indoors or out, he loves to have a good time. Outdoors you can find him fishing and catching frogs. Relax by the lake or let him give you pointers, either way he will be happy to have your company!

Inside, you’ll find Dilan playing video games, in particular Mario Kart or Smash Bros. This is something he enjoys doing while visiting with his siblings. It is important that a potential family know how important his siblings are to him and be able to support him in maintaining his connections.

Dilan would benefit from a family who can teach him boundaries, show him love, and help him gain confidence to see just how awesome he is! If you like to be on the go, are up for an adventure, and have a strong belief in keeping siblings connected, you may be just what this young man needs….a FOREVER family.