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Born 2008

“I like to be active and play basketball!”


Do you like to be competitive on and off the court?  If so, you may get along with this young man rather well!  Yandel is super active and thoroughly enjoys playing basketball and soccer.  If you can’t find him shooting a jump shot or kicking a corner kick, you may want to look in front of a screen checking out the latest Battle Pass in Fortnite and connecting with friends.  He may even be able to teach you the latest Fortnite dance.  He is sure to to keep you on your toes and smiling. Yandel is truly a kind soul who is helpful and genuine to the core.  He is quite the charmer. He wants nothing more than a family to call his own.

Although Yandel can tend to be a picky eater, he is always up for trying new foods.  Some of his favorite foods are Spanish rice and beans and pizza.  Make sure there are plenty of snacks on hand as he packs a hefty appetite.

Academically, Yandel works really hard to be successful in school.  Science and STEM are where he excels the most, as he likes that they are more interactive and hands-on.  He’s unsure of what he would like to do when he grows up but is thinking about being an NBA basketball player.  He’s been reassured that he has plenty of time to finalize those plans.

Yandel would benefit from a two-parent family, who can provide him consistent structure and routine.  Having another sibling could benefit Yandel.  Additionally, any family     considering providing permanency to Yandel must also be open to       maintaining sibling connections.  Yandel does have biological siblings that   mean the world to him and visiting them regularly is part of his routine.    These sibling bonds are unbreakable and all that remains as a constant for   them.