Children Gallery


Born 2007


Our friend Trinity is a social butterfly. She enjoys meeting new people and participating in many activities. She sings in the school chorus, enjoys the drama club and theater program, plays buddy basketball and enjoys participating in the Special Olympics. Trinity is known to be that kid whose smile brings joy and positivity to all who know her. She makes friends easily and loves animals; her family and friends describe Trinity as funny and sweet. She is loved by her peers, teachers, and friends. You will love her too, you won’t be able to help it.

Like most of us, Trinity loves Disney! She is a fan of the Disney princesses and can name them all. She loves to swim, play dolls, and be outside. Trinity loves school. Many kids dread the end of summer, but Trinity is enthusiastic about learning and participating in all her school has to offer. She looks forward to each day of school with excitement. She does best through the repetition of clear and simple, through routine activities, and with encouragement and praise to be independent.

Trinity relies on her foster parents and the connections in her life to support and guide her. Those caring adults want to help her transition to her forever home and are committed to offering guidance to your family as well. If you are looking to parent this heartwarming youth, you will find a host of compassionate people to support you on that journey.