Children Gallery


Born 2003
Tina-Marie dreams of becoming
a teacher someday!

Tina-Marie is an energetic, happy, and caring young lady who loves to do just about anything outside. She especially enjoys bike riding, jumping rope, and has recently learned how to swim. When indoors Tina loves to play with her dolls, play board games, and go bowling. Tina has a passion for music. Her favorite singer is Justin Beiber. She would love to meet him one day!

Tina-Marie is a joy to be with and works hard to please. While she struggles a bit academically, a family to advocate and support her educational needs will help her to succeed. She is eager to do well and has dream of becoming a teacher some day.

Tina-Marie deserves a family to be there to care for her for a lifetime. She has been through too much for a girl her age and dreams of a loving family with two-parents and older siblings who will be patient, caring and willing to keep up with her active lifestyle. When asked about what adoption means to Tina-Marie, she responded, “adoption means to live with a family who loves me forever and to never have to move again.” The family offering Tina-Maria the security and love she longs for will get so much back in return—could you be that family?