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Born 2008
“I want a family who will adore me and can relate to me, such as reading comic cooks.”

Ryan is a funny and energetic boy in hopes of finding a family to share his sense of humor with. When not making others laugh, Ryan enjoys reading a comic book or two. He hopes a family would share similar passions of liking comic books, and discussing their favorite superhero, or villain! If you’re up to taking a trip to a comic bookstore, Ryan is a kiddo you want by your side!

Ryan has recently picked up playing the trombone. He would love to show you his newfound musical skills. He has even joined the school’s jazz club to continue this new passion for music. Ryan has enjoyed being able to participate in after-school programs and hopes for family to support his interests.

Ryan takes some time to warm up and trust others. He hopes a family is understanding of his experiences and will always support him. He would do best with a family that likes to stay active and do activities together, such as playing sports or hiking. Ryan would love a home with furry friends, two dogs and cat to be exact! It is important for a family to support Ryan and the connections in his life, especially with his sibling. A family that will support and maintain this relationship is a must.