Children Gallery

Born 2008
Once she gets to know you, this little comedian will have you laughing up a storm!

Smart, creative, playful are only three words of many that could be used to describe this young lady!

She enjoys being outside, playing on jungle gyms, climbing on the playsets, and swinging for hours! She enjoys feeling the sun on her face and the freedom of being outside. When inside, she enjoys caring for her baby dolls, art, and playing board games. Be prepared to switch up the way you play games because you’ll be creating new rules to play by and new objects for each game.

This little entertainer loves to laugh and to make other’s laugh! She will go to any extent to make people smile and laugh! It helps her feel connected and cared for. She may be cautious when meeting someone new, but once she warms up you will be talking and laughing for hours!

This youth needs a family who will be committed to ALWAYS making her feel safe. Life has not always been easy or fair, but she is resilient. She continues to have hopes for her future and it involves her forever family! She is open to many family types, but does hope to have some pets to cuddle with! She thrives on structure and routine.

A maintained relationship with her siblings is extremely important to her. Any forever family would need to be open to keeping this connection for her.