Children Gallery


Born 2008

What does a companionate, friendly and intelligent kiddo dream of being when they grow up? Well, this kiddo wants to be a veterinarian. Mikayla is engaging, creative, and kind. She likes to draw animal pictures, play hide and seek outside with her friends, and listen to music. She also likes to swim and help feed the animals at her foster home. Among Mikala’s favorite fashion accessories… mismatched socks and lots of scrunchies!

Mikaya does well in math and loves art class, but needs your help in science. She dreams of traveling and would like to see Spain someday!

Mikayla finds comfort in snuggling up with a warm blanket and sipping hot cocoa by the fire. She cuddles a stuffed animal and counts sheep when she can’t sleep, and she confides that when she is having a hard day she likes to talk about important things and hear from a supportive adult that “everything will be ok”.

Mikayla has two brothers that she loves with all her heart. They play fight like siblings do and annoy each other, but she would love a chance to live with them again. She says that if she can’t live with them she would love to have siblings in her forever home. She would prefer a family who will take her to church and, like her, loves to celebrate holidays.