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Born 2008
“I am a good friend and a good brother.”



Marquies is a caring boy who likes to help others. Will you be the family that helps him grow and thrive?

When asked how his friends would best describe him, three words quickly came to mind: funny, caring and creative. This young boy enjoys such things as swimming, playing with Legos, coloring and bike riding. Marquies has a curious mind and likes to learn about various things, especially topics of all things animals — naming a Spider Monkey as his favorite animal. He has big hopes for his future. He would one day like to have a career as a veterinarian (specializing in reptiles) or be a medical doctor. Marquies has a kind and generous heart, a heart he is eager to share with a family that will provide support and encouragement.

Marquies likes school; noting his favorite subject is math. He also enjoys reading a good book. When not being active, Marquies passes the time away listening to music, watching a movie or playing video games. He has a healthy appetite but, offer him some of his favorites like bacon, pizza and broccoli and you will get your own treat – his big smile!

Trusting adults is not alwayseasy for Marquies. A family would need to have patience, structure and be consistent. Marquies will tell you that staying connected to his sister and grandmother are important to him as well. Marquies is a resilient boy, who has much to offer a family – could you be that forever family for Marquies?