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Born: 2006
“I want to be in a family where I’m not competing for attention”



Marianna can be described using a number of adjectives such as bright, fun-loving, sassy and having an inner beauty. One of her more endearing qualities is her heart of gold. She loves to be helpful to others and to be kept busy.

She is a young lady, who likes to stay on top of all that is happening in the fashion world. Although she enjoys the color blue, it’s PINK! she loves to be

decked out in. She can envision her older self as a primary fashionista with a wardrobe of white and black along with accessories to make her stand out. Just know if you need fashion tips, Marianna would not be shy to share some with you.

Don’t let this girly girl fool you! Marianna is not afraid of getting some dirt under her nails. She enjoys being and staying activate as much as possible. She enjoys playing sports, specifically soccer. Marianna’s interests for outdoor activities include biking, hiking and fishing. She is not limited to the great outdoors. She would like to engage in gymnastics and ballet. All these activities help Marianna escape (even if for only a little while) the many hardships endured in her young life. Music, by far, is where Marianna finds the must solace.

While she mostly enjoys rap, she is open to other genres as well. Along with music, Marianna enjoys using her hands in a creative way. She enjoys creating origami animals using her book of origami. She has a willingness to allow others into her circle to teach her the enjoyment of creativity. Marianna has the hopes and dreams of every teenager but wants to be in family that will support those desires. She wants a family that will see her challenges as an opportunity to provide guidance, show patience, and share love. Marianna doesn’t want her challenges to define her because she has so much to offer.

Marianna’s siblings are very important to her. She regularly visits and contacts them. She also has other strong, positive relationships within her birth family that mean a great deal to her. The relationships with her siblings and members of her birth family would need to remain intact. Any family that is open to these relationships is a family Marianna wants to be a part of.