Children Gallery


Born 2003
Advocate. Kind. Caring. Hard Working Student. Artistic. Organized. Great sense of humor.
-These are just a few of the words Lynnea uses to describe herself…

This young lady is very caring and has always been looking out for others since she was young. She has a very nurturing spirit and puts others needs ahead of her own. She wants to make sure your needs are met before moving on to anything else.

Lynnea has a hearing impairment, and has worked to develop skills with the help of teachers that aid in her ability to communicate effectively. Once you get to know her, you will see her becoming more confident and will witness her quick wit and funny stories. Lynnea loves school and being part of the classroom with all her classmates. She loves art and shopping, and will teach you several board and card games – all of which to help you bond with her.

Lynnea has several siblings who she likes to check in on regularly to see how they are doing. She is very loyal to her family and she wants to continue her relationship with them all. While finding a permanent family is new to her, Lynnea is open to letting others into her life with patience and understanding. She is always looking for someone to support her, help her grow, and acquire new valuable skills along the way. If you are patient, compassionate, and have a love of fun and family you may be the right match for this incredible young lady.