Children Gallery


Born 2003

“I am good at remembering my siblings birthdays, I know them all by heart.”

Lynnea is going to be someone’s boss when she grows up.  She is very organized, has an amazing memory and likes to take charge.  Lynnea has always had a strong personality and she advocates for herself and her siblings, ever since she was young.  Lynnea is a good teacher and she always like to make people smile with her funny commentary.  Lynnea loves to play board games and knows a bunch of card games.

Lynnea does not love school but she when she is able to apply herself, she is able to do well with some help. Lynnea wants to get into business when she is older and hopes she can organize something with clothing and fashion.  Lynnea is very stylish and loves to try on new sneakers and outfits.

Lynnea is very loyal to her family and always wants to keep connected to them.  She is looking for a family that will support her in this and also encourage her to succeed and work towards meeting her own goals including finding her own identity and passions in this world.