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Logan is a fun, personable and witty boy. who is open to trying new things. He happily joins in new activities, helps younger peers learn the rules and comes up with witty, creative ideas to improve on the game. He is eager to learn and wants to be able to speak another language someday maybe Spanish. He has a willingness to explore and is amazed by the world around him. Logan has a way of making every moment you spend with him more enjoyable.

Logan is a jokester and loves to laugh! He hopes to someday dye his hair green and is always unique and creative. He is adventurous and says he would love to vacation in California and work on his tan! He enjoys swimming, fishing, playing gaga ball and camping. Logan is outgoing, chatty and has a great smile. He is easy going and engages well in conversation. Logan is open to hearing and understanding better ways to do things. He is able to recognize, reflect on, and learn from his mistakes and works to improve for next time.

Logan loves to live life to the fullest. He is an absolute sweetheart and joy to be around.

Logan does well with pets, and hopes to have a dog someday. Logan would prefer to be an only child or have older siblings. Sibling connections are important to Logan. He has a twin sister and an older brother that he is very close with. It is a priority for Logan that he finds a FOREVER family that is committed to keeping him connected with his siblings.