Children Gallery


Born: 2000
“For a long time I thought family meant a blood relation but I realized that family isn’t about blood but love”…

Laurance is an intriguing young man, he evokes laughter and a sense of wonder when he enters a room. He has been known to say “Once he gets his Youtube Channel he will invite you on as a guest.” Laurance is very intelligent and is very loyal to all his friends.

Laurance loves music, he writes his own, plays the guitar, and loves to rock on all his guitars. He names each one of his guitars and is looking forward to starting a band and rocking out in Providence. Laurance is no stranger to cameras and television. He has been a part of more than one Tuesday’s Child segment and has played his music and performed on the news.

Laurance has a wild spirit and he can be extremely confident as he is not afraid to try new things. He loves to entertain and be the life of the party. He wants to be able to share his spirit with a family that can join him in his musical pursuits and also support him as he seeks to further his education. Laurance wants to become part of a family that will continue to give him the confidence to move forward and succeed in all of his endeavors.