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Born 2008
“I want a family is who is loving and accepting of who I am.”

If you are up for a game or two of UNO, Kimber is your go-to opponent! Kimber enjoys sitting down to play board games, but their favorite by far is Clue. Kimber has a one-of-a-kind sense of humor, is incredibly quirky and has been described as an old soul. They like to listen to music, especially K-POP! Their favorite K-POP group of all time is BTS. They are fascinated with Asian cultures and hopes one day to be able to learn the languages. Kimber wouldn’t mind teaching you more about these cultures.

In their spare time, they enjoy drawing and would like to show off one of their new sketches. If you are a Harry Potter fan, Kimber is your best resource to discuss everything Harry Potter. Kimber has been sorted into House Slytherin and would love to learn more about what house you’re in! Kimber loves animals, especially their pet hamster. Their biggest wish is to take their hamster with them and hopes you like little critters too.

Kimber would love a family who accepts them for who they are. A family who is understanding and supportive is very important. They would appreciate a family who is open and honest in supporting them with their life experiences. Kimber would love a family who involves them in all different kinds of family activities, whether it’s playing a board game together, cooking or baking, or going out on adventures. A family who maintains the important connections in their life, especially their little sister is very important.