Children Gallery


Born 2008
“I want a family is who is loving and accepting of who I am.”

Fifteen-year-old, Kimber is a teenager who knows who they are! Genuine, quirky, and caring, Kimber loves to make friends and spend time with others. Have a pet? Kimber would love to meet them! Kimber had a beloved hamster, loves guinea pigs, and other similar sized pets. Into K-Pop? Kimber is your go-to for K-Pop band, BTS trivia! They are interested in Asian culture and have started to learn Korean. Kimber hopes to someday travel to Korea!


Like Harry Potter? Kimber is an expert on the Wizarding World and a self-proclaimed Slytherin. Kimber enjoys playing board games and loves to play UNO (with their own set of BTS UNO cards). Kimber is an UNO pro! Kimber is looking for a family who is openly supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, is understanding and open-minded, and most importantly, accepts them as they are. A family who supports Kimber maintaining their existing relationship with their sister is important!