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Hello, my name is Jon-Neaya and I am as unique as my name. My name sounds like “Jah-naeah”, but I like being called Jae. I am waiting for my forever family, perhaps that is you reading my profile?

I am a freshman in high school. I am very committed to my education. My goal is to become a veterinarian. I am very proud of my school record, I don’t like to miss classes, and I give it my all when I am there. My grades are on point, and I need a forever family to help me maintain and achieve my future educational goals.

I love animals, especially dogs, cats and birds. One of my dreams is to volunteer in an animal shelter. I enjoy watching the television program “Too Cute.” I have a vision of opening up an animal sanctuary where visitors could come and enjoy the animals in their habitat.

I am a vegetarian, but I love sweet treats. I am very talented, I can play the piano and I would like to learn how to play the flute. I am great at drawing and designing too. I love anime; this is a Japanese art form. Pokemon is one of my favorite forms of anime. I can draw on paper, and canvas; I hope to take an art class one day to really help me develop my skills.

I love fantasy books. Fantasy books allow me an escape from the day to day. Two of my favorite fantasy authors are Erin Hunter and Christopher Paolini.

I also love holidays, my favorite is Christmas and I love Christmas because of presents, food, and people to share Christmas memories with. I like Halloween too because I like to dress up and I love candies and chocolates. Lastly, I love my birthday, it is in November and I would like to celebrate with my forever family and start new memories.

I will try to share some personal details about me; this, writing my profile, is one of the most difficult parts of this process. I have been in foster care TOO LONG! I really want and need a forever family. I am sensitive, compassionate, smart, creative, determined, special, and unique. I am very protective of my belongings, I take good care of them, and they are all I have. I like to take care of my things; I like them to be neat, and organized. I like things in place and I like to have a place for everything. I want my forever family to respect me, care about me, love me, and keep me safe. Thank you for reading my profile.