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Born: 2003
Jeremiah is an intelligent, hard working student with great aspirations for college and beyond!

Jeremiah is a polite young man, willing to lend a helping hand and bring a smile to any gathering. He works hard in school and is meeting the challenges as he finds his way through his high school experience. Jeremiah is also a hard worker outside the classroom. He started working part time at Wendy’s Restaurant recently and he enjoys learning something new every day.

Jeremiah enjoys playing video games and is looking forward to studying computer graphics in college where he can move closer to creating his own video game. Jeremiah likes to challenge his friends in all kinds of adventure games.

Jeremiah wants a family that can help him navigate his journey as he begins to apply for college and financial aid. He also wants a supportive family who can help him open up a savings account and teach him about savings and other ways to invest his money. Jeremiah is willing to work hard and contribute to a family that will look for adventures together and be there for each other through all the new experiences.