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Born 2005
Jay is described as an awesome kid with a flair for technology

Jason’s infectious way of life will make anyone laugh and smile! He loves to sing, dance and play.

Jason has been active in the community with the support of caring people around him. He recently rode a camel, likes to take selfies in the car and enjoys his ice cream sundaes (even if there is more fudge on his face than left in the bowl).

Jason is not legally freed for adoption but when the right family has been identified to support Jay, his birth family would like to remain involved. Jay has medical diagnosis that requires extra attention and education.

Jay would do well with a two parent family who has an understanding of children diagnosed with Autism. Jason has limited verbal communication but does use short sentences or creative ways to communicate that is easy to interpret. He is gifted when it comes to technology and can even teach you a new thing about the latest gadget.

Everyone who interacts with Jason, adores spending time with him. Once you get to know him, you will too.

Meet Jason below as featured on a recent Tuesday’s Child…