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James is an active, adventurous and entertaining boy who is looking for a family who can help him start his own YouTube Kids show. According to James, he would love to have his own room in a suburban setting — a home with dogs would be ideal. Golden retrievers and pitbulls are his favorite.

Among James’ favorite sports is track and field – in fact his sports hero is Usain Bolt, a Jamaican Olympic runner. James also enjoys playing basketball and football. His favorite subject in school is science. He has a lot of fun conducting different experiments during class. James would appreciate a family who would motivate him as he navigates through school.

James enjoys playing video games and going to the movies. His favorite movie is “Black Panther”. James also likes the outdoors. He enjoys hiking, swimming and riding his bike or just playing outside. James has traveled to China, South Africa and Antigua. He would love to continue to travel with a family that likes to take on adventures and explore the world together, making fun memories.

James has said he would do great in a two parent home but he knows he will also be able to do well in a single parent home as long as he is supported and loved. James has siblings and maintaining a relationship with them is important to him as he integrates himself into a new family.