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Isabella, Shannon & Sophia

“Family means no one gets left behind.”

Sophia, Isabella, and Shannon are three incredible sisters who have an unbreakable bond with each other. The girls have been fortunate enough to be placed together in foster care while they await their forever family, and it is important they remain together.

Sophia is a sweet, caring, and active teenager who enjoys cheerleading and gymnastics. Sophia is looking forward to the next big steps in her life. Sophia’s dream is to become a pediatric nurse, as she has always wanted a career where she is helping others, and this is clear when meeting Sophia. She has a very big heart and is compassionate of others. Sophia has one year left of high school and is excited to take the next steps towards preparing herself for college. She hopes to attend University of Rhode Island and to be accepted into their nursing program.

Isabella has a one of a kind sense of humor and has a way to make others laugh. She is incredibly silly! Her all-time favorite character is Shadow The Hedgehog, and has loved him since she was little. Isabella enjoys playing video games, especially on her Switch! One of her favorite games is Pokémon and her current favorite Pokemon is Incineoroar! She would like a family who will sit down with her and play a round of Super Smash Bros; watch out though because she has serious gaming skills! Isabella enjoys drawing and has a natural talent for it. A family who is able to foster, support and build her confidence in her talent would be ideal.

Shannon’s bubbly personality is sure to leave a smile on your face. She loves to dance and sing, and has even made-up her own songs! She loves anything rainbow and enjoys watching JoJo Siwa. Shannon2010Shannon also loves My Little Pony and her all time favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle! Shannon is diagnosed with Autism and receives in home ABA services weekly. She has made significant progress and continues to thrive. Shannon does well with structure and routine, and would benefit from a family who is able to continue this..

The girls are open to all family types as long as they are loved and cared for. A family who is able to help these girls grow into the best versions of themselves and likes to spend family time together is a must. Such as watching movies or baking together! The girls would very much enjoy a family who is involved with their faith or are open to supporting the girls with their faith. The girls would love a home that has pets, are open to all kinds of animals. Their forever family will need to support their relationship they have with their birth parents and friendships the girls have in their life.

Are you the forever family these kind, loving girls are waiting for?