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Born 2009
Adventurous, fun and full of love to give…


Hector is a smart and witty teen who is looking for a family to have fun with! If you ask this 14-year-old what his ideal day would be, he’ll say without hesitation: FISHING! Hector is looking for a fishing buddy to join him at the lake where he will also be searching for salamanders and frogs by the water.

Hector is passionate about wildlife and when he grows up, he wants to be a zoologist. Hector also enjoys playing sports, video games, building with LEGO’s and drawing. Hector is a talented artist and recently painted an entire woodland scene with a lifelike deer. He can draw almost anything just by looking at a reference photo and Hector loves a good challenge! He would benefit from a family who can help him reach his goal of working with animals by going to college. Hector enjoys school and is a quick learner. Hector would like to maintain his existing relationships with his birth family and is looking for a family who can support that.