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Born 2009
Adventurous, fun and full of love to give…


Hector can be described as the kid who loves it all! He enjoys fishing, hiking, video games, water sports, board games, sports, or anything else you might throw his way. If it’s not something he has done before, he will give it a try! After fishing, he likes to cool off with an ice cream from his local ice cream shop.

Hector shines in the classroom. He loves to learn and is a science buff! He gets a thrill out of learning new facts, reading, and hands on activities. At the end of a long day, Hector will be there to make you smile, laugh, and remember to stay positive. He loves to smile and laugh and puts a smile on the faces of those around him. Even on the cloudiest of days, he will bring sunshine!

Hector has siblings who are very important to him. Although they are unable to be placed together, he cares deeply about their well-being and happiness. Hector stays connected to them as much as he can and this is something that a family would need to support moving forward. He also has some mentors who inspire Hector to do his best every day. This positive connection is one that can last a lifetime and should be supported.
Hector would do best in a family where he can be the only child or the youngest, somewhere that he can stay active and continue finding new adventures!