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If you like to be active or enjoy relaxing with a good book, this amazing boy is a good partner in crime! Haiden has many layers to him at such a young age. He is very smart, inquisitive and insightful with a touch of cuteness to boot!

Haiden struggles to speak about himself but easily engages with others, especially about topics of interest to him; such as animals, movies (the entire Star Wars series) and the Marvel Universe. When asked who his favorite Marvel superhero is? He would say Captain America because “Capt. America is strong and smart – that is me!” Haiden wishes to one day travel to Hollywood Studios in Florida to experience the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge and Jedi Training.

Haiden enjoys building with Legos, playing video games or board games. Haiden hopes that a family would share in his love for ice cream, particularly Cotton Candy.

Haiden has experienced a lot of loss but remains unwavering in his desire to belong to a family — A family that can see him as someone with challenges — not a challenge. The ideal family would be a two-parent home that provides consistency, structure and time to be active; Haiden wishes to have a family to share family traditions with him as well as create new ones.