Children Gallery


Born: 2009

”I like sharing what I know because I know a lot!”

Witty, funny, charming, and brainy are words to describe Haiden.  This budding teenager wants to be nurtured in a home that will support his interests, walk with him on the path to adulthood and stand by him through his challenges.

Haiden’s interests are evolving the older he becomes. Haiden is a typical teenager that enjoys things such as video games, YouTube and reading graphic novels.  The Wind of Fire series is a favorite! Haiden loves to share his knowledge of the original Godzilla, Mechagodzilla and Shin Godzilla. He feels that the evolution of Godzilla parallels his life experience. Just as Godzilla has faced many challenges and prevailed, so has Haiden. Haiden wants to be in a family that will give him the strength, courage and hope to continue on his path wherever it may lead.

He longs for a family that shares in his interests. He’d love to read a book or watch a movie together, learning to cook a family meal, and travel. Haiden needs a home that provides consistency, structure, support, and an opportunity to be a teenager. These hopes may seem simple, but for Haiden, they would be a dream come true – a chance at a good life he deserves.