Children Gallery

Elisamuel & Joshua

Born 2003 & 2005
These happy brothers need a forever family who will help them grown up together!

Elisamuel (Eli) and Joshua (Josh) will capture your hearts and your attention!

Eli takes pride in his physical fitness. You’ll often find him lifting weights, running the basketball courts, or on the mats wrestling. If he isn’t in the gym, he’s most likely got his headphones on. Eli enjoys listening to music and has some “sick” dance moves that he is proud to show off! Eli is respectful of adults and his peers. He lights up a room and makes friends everywhere he goes. When engaged in serious conversation he is thoughtful and takes his time in answering questions in the most honest way he can.

Josh, like his brother, enjoys staying active and is always up for learning something new. Be ready for Josh’s questions! If there is something he is wanting to learn or understand, he is not shy about his curiosity. You’ll see Josh thrive when he has a supportive role model by his side for guidance and a good laugh!

Be sure to brush up on your basketball stats before sitting down with these two because your knowledge will be put to the test! Their bond is unbreakable and although they are typical siblings with disagreements, they forever have each other’s back and they’re hoping to find a family who will forever have theirs!