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Born 2004
Meet Demetris – an athletic and intelligent explorer in the making…

Do you love to laugh and visit new places? If so, meet 14-year-old Demetris. This explorer has had the opportunity to visit Florida and New York. He hopes to one day travel to Kentucky and Tokyo to see these beautiful cities. Demetris loves to be active and is quite athletic. You can find him at the local basketball court shooting hoops or on the field playing soccer. Demetris enjoys science and does well in school. When off the field and out of school he can be found in a reading nook catching up on his favorite series, Percy Jackson.

Demetris would like to join the military after high school and is looking into the different branches to see what fits him best.

This smart, outgoing boy is a joy to be around. He is open to many family types and would love to have a family to call his own, maybe even a big fluffy dog he can bring on his explorations.

Demetris would benefit from a family who shares his adventurous spirit, and who can support him educationally to reach his goals.

Demetris takes pride in going to church and hopes to share this with his forever family. It is also very important to Demetris that he maintain his sibling connections (pictured below) and needs a family that will be supportive of this.