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Daniel & Isabela

Two siblings, Daniel and Isabela (Isa), want nothing more then to be able to grow up together. For this brother and sister, being apart is not an option. They are the constant connection in each other lives. They have been forced to live apart in the past and now that they are together, they can’t imagine it any other way.

Daniel is an easygoing kid, he enjoys pastimes that are calm and relaxing. He loves to read and his favorite books right now are the Dog Man series. He enjoys long hikes in the woods and exploring nature. Daniel can spend hours of independent time building Lego creations. If his whole room could be made of nothing but Legos he would never be bored. His favorite holiday is Halloween because he loves to dress up as his favorite superheroes – Batman and Superman. You can often find this cool kiddo out riding his bike, playing with robots or RC cars, or just hanging out with his sister and friends. He gets along well with kids of all ages, has great boundaries and loves to play with everyone.

Like her brother, Isa loves to be outside. She enjoys many activities and will stay for hours to paint or play, plant and garden. She loves eating – snacks and sweets mostly! You’ll know she is happy by her smiles, laughter and clapping. Isa has ABA services and is showing improvements with this consistency and support. She is able to communicate with gestures, or will pull you over to show you what she wants. She follows simple verbal instructions such as “stop”, or “time to eat”. Isa can copy the other kids to follow directions and she can independently understand on her own. She interacts well with both adults and children.

This social kiddo loves hugs, interacting with others, and like many of us, getting positive attention! Isa does well with routine, sleeps beautifully through the night, and will stay in her room and play independently in the morning. Parents need to be consistent, energetic, understanding, and able to use humor to help guide Isa but also have firm boundaries to motivate and encourage Isa to use and learn new independent skills.

Daniel and Isa have a bond that is worth maintaining. They are looking for a parent or parents who will meet their needs, keep them safe, and keep them together. Once you have agreed to those things it is all fun and games from there. Are you the one to make sure these two are never separated?