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Born: 2008
“My favorite season is fall, I like the color of the changing leaves.”

Dameer is a determined and steadfast youth with many interests. This strong and agile kiddo enjoys a variety of activities from rock wall climbing to video games and anime (Manga series Naruto is one of his favorites). He is fond of a pick-up basketball game with peers, track, swimming, and dodgeball. He is spontaneous, courteous, and instinctive. Dameer is polite and you will notice his kind manner right away. He can be quiet and reserved but likes to joke around and seeks connection with others once he is comfortable with you.
Dameer also has a creative side. He appreciates the colors of changing leaves in the fall, is good at drawing and is said to have a beautiful voice, but he may not agree. When he needs to relax or zone out from a long day he listens to music. He is interested in learning to play the guitar someday. Dameer’s friends will tell you he is funny, honest, and a good listener.
Dameer is open to many family types but thinks he will do best in a home with other kids 10 years and older. He is looking for an active and talkative family. He hopes to be matched with a large, loud, family who likes to be silly and have fun. He has friends and connections he wants to remain in contact with. If you revel in holidays and large extended family celebrations, being outdoors, and sharing in diverse interests, you may be a great fit for our friend Dameer.