Children Gallery


Born: 2003
Crystal has many interests including writing short stories, singing and playing the piano…

Crystal is an old soul, very smart and shy when you first meet her. She likes to study and be a productive student at school. She is looking forward to her final years of high school and she wants to finish on a high note, recently joining the Upward Bound Program, which kept her busy with projects and meetings during this summer.

Crystal also loves being with her close friends outside the classroom, listening to music and dancing. She likes Spanish music and all different kinds of pop music.

Crystal can be very independent, she has experience working at a museum in Providence and she also knows how to cook really well. Once you get to know Crystal, you find out how funny and intelligent she really is. Crystal is looking for a consistent and adventurous family to help her continue to work towards her goal of attending college after graduation. Crystal is very caring and loyal to all her friends and family and she is looking to join a circle that will encourage and promote her values and what she wants out of developing and becoming part of a new family.