Children Gallery

Cherish & Christian

 Born 2006 & 2008
Cherish & Christian want nothing more than to grow up in a family together, as brothers and sisters should!

Do you have a sibling? Well, if you do, you may know that siblings may fight with each other, but they will always have each others back. These two siblings, Cherish and Christian, want to live together more than anything else. They are currently placed in separate foster homes. Number one on their list of goals is to live in the same home and grow up together as siblings should.

Cherish is a stylish kiddo with many interests. She enjoys cooking and baking, she is proud of the skills she is learning and likes to share her food with others. She is a wiz at art and drawing. Cherish says she “loves little kids” and can be found helping to babysit when ever possible. Her favorite holiday is Halloween, so expect her to get all dressed up and don’t be too freaked out if she surprises you with a well times BOO! Like most kiddos her age, she spends most of her free time chatting with friends.

Christian likes being outside, building, and fixing and taking things apart. He builds forts, cardboard creations, and fixes bikes and RC racing cars. Once all the parts are off, he tries to put them back together. He does not always know how to get things running again at first, but will keep working at it. He needs an adult who is handy or likes to build and fix things with him and can teach him these skills by letting him use his hands and get the work done.

Christian is easy going, quiet, and content to stay at home and entertain himself. He has the best laugh! Like most kids his age, he loves watching kooky YouTube videos. Christian needs a family who will motivate and inspire him to discover additional ways to have fun. Cherish and Christian are both animal people. They love all animals, pets, and especially dogs. Cherish hopes to care for animals and children when she is older. She is compassionate, fun, silly and loves to laugh. She thrives on personal connections and needs adults who can support her, offer rules and structure, along with humor and a strong relationship.

Christian does well with adults who have the patience to talk things through, teach new skills, have a gentle way about them and are a low-key family. He thrives on the coaching approach of setting limits and consequences in a respectful and caring way.

These siblings are open to all family types. They have a strong attachments to each other and it’s very important that they remain connected. If you are ready for the joy and challenge of raising two kids, give us a call! 4011-865-6000.