Children Gallery


Born 2006
“I want a father who will play sports with me”…

Anthony is a charming, funny and clever fourteen-year-old boy who is looking for a family who is active and fun — like him. Adventurous is another word that makes me think of Anthony. If you want to try a trampoline park, a dangerous water slide or a ropes course and you are having trouble finding someone to do it with you? Well, Anthony would be the person I would call immediately to tackle the challenge with you.

Anthony also loves playing all the sports, yes, all of them! He has ridden horses and has turned into the horse whisperer. He connected well with the horses, he suddenly became calm and centered once he was riding. Anthony is able to adapt to any situation and he always has a positive attitude. Anthony wants someone to share these experiences with and be there for him as he gets ready for the challenges to come.

Anthony has mentioned being part of a family that will play sports with him and help him with school. He wants to spread love to his forever family and show them how fun life can be if they stay together and meet challenges as a team. Anthony needs guidance, patience and structure to help him thrive. A family that is fun loving, has incredible energy and a wild sense of adventure will match up well with Anthony and his contagious spirit.