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Born: 2003
Alyssa is a multi-talented, driven young lady who needs a family to show her just how amazing she is

Alyssa is a dynamic young lady with a heart of gold. Once you get to know her, you will see just how talented she is!

Alyssa gets along with peers and younger children tend to flock to her. During her time at an after-school program, it was common to see a group of little girls lining up to get their hair braided. She is able to get on their level, engage with them, and they adored her!

If given a camera, you will get to see the world through Alyssa’s eyes as she captures beautiful shots of nature. In addition to her photography, she is a talented artist and is an animal whisperer. Although her talents are endless, Alyssa would benefit from a family that can encourage her and show her just how amazing she is! Alyssa is in her final years of high school and is focusing on a medical career. This is not surprising for a young lady who likes to care for others. A family who helps her focus on goals, and stay the course to reach all of her potentials would be best for Alyssa. Finding a family who is open to existing connections is important to her. She is bonded with her siblings and it is important that these relationships continue.