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Born: 2003

“I need help building skills to be successful as an adult.”

Alyssa is a dynamic young lady with a heart of gold. Once you get to know her, you will see just how talented she is! Alyssa has a wide variety of interests. She loves animals, photography, art, and loves getting her nails done. Alyssa is nurturing and kind to others; while working at an after school program the kids loved spending time with her.

In high school, Alyssa focused on the medical field and worked towards graduating with her high school diploma as well as a CAN ready for the work force. She has long term goals too, which include becoming a midwife and helping expecting mothers care for themselves and newborn babies.

Having a family by her side to help her stay on track, achieve these goals, and realize her potential would be so helpful for Alyssa. Alyssa has some connections to family and mentors that a permanent family could help her navigate. This teen needs a family who will help ease her into adulthood while knowing they will be there to love and support her FOREVER!