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Say hello to this little ball of energy. Hello, Aliyah! She loves to play, jump, climb and splash in the water. She will keep you on your toes and bring joy and laughter into your life. Aliyah is loving, playful, and wants your full attention.

Aliyah’s foster mom shared that Aliyah does well and enjoys going out to dinner or to the store, and does best with clear limits, structure and routine. Her favorite part of her day is bath time. She likes to go on walks, swim, and watch Peppa Pig on Youtube. Like most kids her age, Aliyah’s favorite foods are chicken nuggets and hot dogs, which she prefers without a bun.

Aliyah has a brother, so maintaining visits with him is very important. She needs a family who will keep her connected with her supports, meet her needs, show her love, patience, and attention. Parents who like to be busy, active, and outside will be a good fit for Aliyah.

Nervous about the process and getting to know a new child in your home? No worries, foster mom and Aliyah’s supports are ready and willing to help walk you through all the ups and downs, ins and outs of caring for this special little girl. You got this!