Children Gallery


Born 2004



Alexxis is a smart, talented, and engaging 15-year-old. She expresses her creativity through singing, dancing, poetry writing, photography, drawing, and painting. She is motivated to do well in school and has made the honor roll. Alexxis is starting to think about her future, but is unsure if she wants to pursue a career in science or music producing. At this point, anything is possible!

Unlike most teens, Alexxis prides herself on her ability to maintain a pristine environment. Alexxis keeps her room neat and well organized. She will help with chores and appreciates the comfort that a tidy space can bring to an unpredictable life.

Alexxis loves to snuggle into a good book to relax. She is an avid fan of Marvel Avengers and her favorite character in the MCU is Groot. She enjoys and is up for most activities and is looking forward to spending quality time with people who are open to sharing their lives with her.

Alexxis says that she had to rely on herself for a long time and she is looking for parent(s) who will help guide her to make good choices, while allowing her to show that she is ready for trust and independence. She is open to all family types, siblings, and pets but want to make sure that she is able to stay connected with the most important person in her life, her brother.