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Born 2003
Alexis is open to a family with cats, hamsters or a dolphin! (But no dogs or horses, please)…

Alexis is a sweet 15-year-old who brings joy to those around her. This talented girl likes to try new things. She is learning to crochet and enjoys the relaxing feeling that comes from using this new skill. She has also learned to play the flute and piano.

Alexis appreciates the little things in life. She likes watching her garden grow, picking the fruit and vegetables when they are ready and knowing that, with a little extra care, you can help create wonderful things. This energetic youth loves to have fun . . . When asked what fun day would look like to her, she said she’d love to try a day at a water park.

Alexis is open to all family types, pets and locations. She would love a family who makes a big deal out of holidays and special occasions. Alexis jumps at the opportunity to help decorate for Christmas and can be heard singing Christmas songs all December long. She would love to hear about your family’s traditions and help you start some new ones.

Alexis is a great friend who listens and likes to offer advice. She loves to share — from the fruit she grows in her garden to her video games. Alexis wants you to experience all the things she enjoys. The things she loves to share the most are hugs and affection. She deserves to have all these things returned to her as well. Can you share your love with her?