Office of Child Fatality Review Team

Dummy text Adoption Rhode Island has contributed to numerous Rhode Island state policies and laws regarding adoption and foster care. Some examples of legislation we have actively supported through advocacy, testimony, participation in commissions and/or study groups include:


Legislation that ensures that pre- adoptive families receive a thorough and consistent family background disclosure process in adoption

Legislation that provides parental leave benefits to foster and adoptive families

Legislation that provides adult adoptees with original birth certificates,

Legislation that provides grandparents visitation in certain circumstances.

Legislation that establishes requirements for the Office of Child Advocate regarding instances involving a child fatality

Legislation that expands the eligibility of foster care to include 18-21 year olds.

The CEO of Adoption Rhode Island has participated on numerous child fatality panels of the Office of the Child Advocate and provided expert recommendations to the final reports.

The CEO of Adoption Rhode Island is the Vice Chair of the Rhode Island Coalition for Children and Families and serves as the Chair of the legislative subcommittee. The Coalition’s mission is to promote the safety, health and success of children and youth from infancy to adulthood. To accomplish this RICCF advocates for a comprehensive and effective network of social, emotional, health, educational, and economic supports and services for Rhode Island’s children, youth and families.

Members of Adoption Rhode Island are often contacted by the media, legislators and government officials to provide information and support on a range of issues impacting foster and adopted children, youth and families