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“This youth has what it takes to do anything he puts his mind to.”

Born: 2005

This teen is determined to make sure, from this time on, that he makes his own choices about his future. He is insightful and can reflect on all that has occurred in his past. He is ready to move forward and will advocate for what he wants.

He does very well in school and is enrolled in ROTC. He is considering his options; possibly joining the military or attending trade school after graduation, but he may want to take a break after high school to do some traveling and see the world. He enjoys being outdoors, enjoys rock climbing, parkour and playing sports. During downtime, he’ll play video games (such as Apex Legends) and will pick up a book if he is feeling up to it.

A friendly youth, he feels most connected to Northern Rhode Island where he attends school and has close friends he can rely on. He would like to remain in the area to complete high school in a place that feels like home.

He is open to all family types as long as he is made to feel welcome, able to earn your trust and respect, and can feel free to explore his choices. He is able to communicate well with adults and will show you he is responsible. He likes to know the rules in advance so that everyone is on the same page.

This youth has what it takes to do anything he puts his mind to. He would benefit from the support and positive adult guidance to realize his potential and guide him towards his dreams. Although this kiddo is on his way to being independent, he is looking to have his basic needs met until he has learned the skills needed to succeed. He is willing to leave the door open for a deeper connection to grow over time with the right person. Are you that person?