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Born: 2004
A loving, supportive, and FUN family would make a huge difference in the future of this of this captivating girl

Perhaps small in stature, but this trendy teen is big in personality!

This young lady will keep you on your toes with the latest trends, current “lingo”, and the most popular music. Taking a trip to Footlocker? She is the one to bring along — making sure you get the best kicks around. She also enjoys relaxing while watching her favorite TV shows, which includes Criminal Minds.

A family that would offer stability and understanding would be a great benefit. She has experienced a lot of change and loss over the years. A family should expect to take their time while showing that they are committed to her and can be trusted.

If you are kind, patient and have made it your goal to change the life of a teen, you may be the right match. Finding a family who is open to existing connections is important. A family who can guide her in having supportive, positive relationships with siblings and give her a new outlook on life would go a long way in helping this young lady thrive!