Elisamuel & Joshua

Born 2003 & 2005
These happy brothers need a forever family who will help them grown up together!

Elisamuel (Eli) and Joshua (Josh) are two fun and energetic brothers!
Eli has many interests, such as video games, basketball, dancing, and listening to music. Eli is often smiling and has a positive outlook on life. He is respectful and thrives with positive adult attention and nurturing. Eli is looking into his future, he hopes to have a family that can help him achieve his goals.

Josh is active and curious. He loves learning about new things and enjoys asks questions to gain as much knowledge as he can about a certain subject. Josh is a book lover and also enjoys multiple sports, especially basketball. Josh is a kind boy who does best keeping busy along side positive role models.

Eli and Josh are in need of a family that can provide them a sense of security to last forever. They have a bond and need to remain together. They would love to be part of a family that can give them attention and engage them in a variety of activities.