Elisamuel & Joshua

Currently on hold…

Born 2003 & 2005
These happy brothers need a forever family who will help them grown up together!

Elisamuel (Eli) and Joshua (Josh) are two fun and energetic brothers.They enjoy volunteering their time at a church food bank to help others.

Fourteen-year-old Eli has many interests, such as video games, basketball, dancing, and listening to music. He is often smiling and has a positive outlook on life. Eli is respectful and thrives with positive adult attention and nurturing.

Josh is an active and curious twelve-year-old boy. He loves learning about new things and enjoys asking questions to gain as much knowledge as he can about a certain subject. Josh is a book lover and enjoys multiple sports, especially basketball. He is a kind boy who does best keeping busy along side positive role models.

Eli and Josh are in need of a family that can provide them a sense of security to last forever. They have a strong bond and need to remain together. They would love to be part of a family that can give them attention and engage them in a variety of activities.

Meet Eli and Josh, appearing on a recent Tuesday’s Child. . .


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