Elisamuel & Joshua


Born 2003 & 2005
These happy brothers need a forever family who will help them grown up together!

Elisamuel and Joshua are two handsome brothers who love spending time together. They can often be found riding bikes and scooters and just having fun in the neighborhood.

Elisamuel has many interests and things he enjoys doing, such as Beyblades, video games, Legos, music, drawing and Eli-webboard games. Eli has a great smile and laughs easily and often. This warm, quiet, gentle boy enjoys family meals and sharing details of his day. He is polite and respectful and thrives with positive adult attention and nurturing.

Josh-webJoshua is an energetic and curious boy who loves to learn about new things and is full of questions. He is a book lover and can often be found curled up reading. He has many of the same interests as his brother; enjoying basketball, baseball, playing outside, bowling and bike riding. Joshua is also a polite and kind boy.

These two great brothers like school and are receiving help to do their very best. A supportive family will help them reach their goals. They have so many positive attributes to bring to a family. They are hoping that when they enter a new family that there might be some more siblings for them to love and have fun with!

Meet Eli and Josh, appearing on a recent Tuesday’s Child. . .


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