Heart Gallery

The Rhode Island Heart Gallery
The Rhode Island Heart Gallery is a traveling exhibit of professional portraits of children currently in state care waiting and hoping for forever families. The children featured in this Heart Gallery are only a small number of the children in foster care in Rhode Island who are in need of permanent families.
Since 2005, the Heart Gallery has helped to raise awareness of the need for loving families for the hundreds of children in state care. Adoption Rhode Island is pleased to sponsor this powerful exhibit. It is our hope that as it travels throughout the state, the smiling faces of these children will touch the hearts of people who can help.

Our NEW 13th Annual 2017-2018 Rhode Island Heart Gallery has arrived!! To view the 13th Annual Heart Gallery booklet click the image to the right. You can view this powerful exhibit at Pawtuxet Village thoughout the month of December – and/or – visit our Virtual Heart Gallery below!


Introducing our 3D Virtual RI Heart Gallery
Our 13th Annual Heart Gallery was unveiled at our National Adoption Month State House Celebration in November. Many were able to attend this event to see this inspiring gallery and feel its impact. Others will be able to visit the various locations our Heart Gallery will be displayed as it tours the state throughout the year. Still, some may not have the opportunity to experience this powerful exhibit up close and personal…until now!

We are so grateful to friends, Doug and Laura Vaillancourt of Innovative Visuals, who came to us with an offer to donate their time, talent and technology to create an immersive 3D Virtual Heart Gallery for us, allowing the public to virtually walk through the gallery, and bring each beautiful portrait right into their homes and into their hearts! Innovative Visuals uses this emerging technology typically in the real estate and construction arena, so their concept of applying it in the world of permanency and adoption recruitment is truly cutting-edge! Please take a minute to learn more about Innovative Visuals, LLC and their capabilities on our website ‎here.

We are thrilled to be able to introduce you to, perhaps the first ever 3D Virtual Heart Gallery. Using your mouse or touch screen you will be able to ‘walk’ from portrait to portrait, learn a little about each child – and coming soon – actually hear from them – and more! Thank you so much, Doug and Laura for this innovative gift!

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