Children Gallery


Born: 2007
“A family + a dog = I’m set for life”

Mylikai is a fun, loving young man who is very hands-on. He loves to build, draw and create things. Mylikai has quite the imagination! If you give him a pile of random recycled supplies, he’s bound to create the coolest new invention! When Mylikai is not busy creating, you can find him enjoying the outdoors. He gets his energy out best by playing a rough and tumble game of basketball or football, but also loves just being outside.

Mylikai is very inquisitive and wants to know why things are the way they are and how certain things work. When engaged in conversation, Mylikai could talk for hours. Mylikai has experienced much loss in his short life and does have a hard time trusting that people are going to do what’s in his best interest. However, once you’ve gained that trust with him, you’re in!

This resilient young man would love a FOREVER family that will support the strong bond that he has with his biological siblings. This is a bond like no other! Visits and phone calls with them are important to Mylikai and his development.

When asked what else his FOREVER family should be made up of, he responded with the words, “LOVE and a dog.” Mylikai hopes to one day be able to travel the world and see what exists outside of Rhode Island. Could you be this family for sweet Mylikai?