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Born: 2006
Giselle is invested in learning more about her culture and traditions and is looking forward to starting new life long family traditions with an adoptive family.

Giselle is the sunshine girl! Not only does she enjoy being in the sunshine, her smile will light up the room. You’ll see her smile shine the brightest when she is with the people she loves and in the place she loves, the beach.

When she is not at the beach or staying busy with her love of art, she also enjoys relaxing with a good book! If Giselle finds a good series, she is hooked! The book store is her other happy place, but be ready for a full day trip because this intelligent young lady will be scouring the shelves. It’s hard to decide when you want them all!

Giselle makes friends easily. Giselle is looking for an active and adventurous family. She needs a family who can give her praise and positive attention to help her build her self-confidence.

Giselle has a strong bond with her older sisters and wants to make sure that she will always stay connected to them. She is open to all family types and hopes that a family will be open to learning about her. Giselle needs a FOREVER family who will show her through example what a loving relationship is.