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Born: 2006

“I would like graduate from the High School I started at.”

Meet Giselle: a young adult with many interests to explore, learn, and master! In her down time, Giselle can be found listening to music. Their favorite artist is Billie. Giselle enjoys “grunge” and “alternative” music as well as a variety of activities to stay busy and continue to grow her artistic side.

Giselle is learning more about photography and is exploring a future in graphic design. Giselle is hoping to get roller skates, but currently has fun skate boarding! She has two skateboards, both of which she built herself!

Giselle is a spiritual person; she collects crystals, describes herself as intuitive, and pays attention to horoscopes. She is part of the LGBTQ+ community. It is important to Giselle that individuals be respected for who they are and she hopes to have supportive adults in her life who will show her equal respect.

In learning to care for herself and her boundaries, Giselle takes her time to get to know new people. Once a mutual respect is developed, you will see just how engaging she is!

Family is important to Giselle. She has a strong bond with her siblings and their children. She would not give up this relationship for the world: she especially loves spending time with her nieces!

Giselle is thinking about her future and having an adult to help her explore her career options would be beneficial. Right now, Giselle is considering majoring in Spanish, graphic design, photography, joining the military (she is in her second year of ROTC!), and so many others! Currently, the most important thing to Giselle, is that she remain in the same school district. She has spent all of her high school years there and is looking forward to the day she graduates!

Giselle wants any family to know that sometimes she needs quiet time to herself. She has spent time over the last few years learning herself and her coping skills. She hopes that a family would be understanding and respectful of her needs. Giselle is looking forward to being in a family where she can live the life of a typical teen; going to the movies, after school events, hanging out with friends, and getting her first job. Giselle is hoping for a family who is part of the LGBTQ+ community and who will help her build her self esteem through positive attention.