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Meet Lexi

Born: 2009

“Hi, I’m Lexie, I love to eat chicken alfredo and I like to swim in the pool..”

Wow, I cannot wait for you to meet our friend Lexie. She is so creative.  She loves arts and crafts, painting, drawing, writing and more.  She invented stations in her room for different activities.  She has a yoga station, a relaxation station and of course, an art station.  She is able to utilize these activities to remain focused on the positive things in life and have fun.

Lexie is kind and thoughtful.  She often writes letters or notes to people in her life to remind them that she cares and is thinking of them.  She notices and is thankful for the little positive things that other do for her as well and wants you to know that she sees your efforts.  As with most people, the way a person makes you feel is important and that is true for Lexie.  She wants to feel safe, accepted, loved and appreciated for who she is.  Here is a note to you, from Lexie!


“ Hi, I’m Lexie, I love to eat chicken alfredo and I like to swim in the pool.

I llllloooovvvee art. I hate showers. I don’t really brush my hair but hopefully you can teach me. I love pets.

And dance classes. I love the YMCA and it makes me happy. I also enjoy movie nights,

I really love shopping for clothes and toys. I like being in an Hispanic family.”


She also loves to play outside, climb around on the playground, pretend with her friends and her dolls, snuggle a stuffed animal and dance.  She enjoys Friday night movies, puzzles and getting her hair and nails done.  If you like to build Legos for hours or make beaded bracelets you would be in good company with Lexie, and if you have never tried any of these hands on activities, I bet she will teach you.

Lexie has a sibling and other existing connections that are important to her and would like to stay connected to.  This kiddo needs and deserves lots of love, someone to stick by her and an adult who will always make her feel safe, protected and cared for.  I am sure you will agree, that is not too much to ask for. If you have the skills to help Lexie achieve her goals please give us a call.