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Touched by Adoption…

• “The professionals at Adoption RI are always compassionate and make us feel welcome in the adoption community. Going through the adoption process, we felt our voice was always heard and that the staff at ARI advocated for our needs and our pre-adoptive children’s needs. We feel as though ARI is part of our family!”, Amanda & Cliff



• “I’ve always known that I wanted children. When I was 32 years old and not married, I realized that I wanted to have children on my own. Adoption was the right answer for me. My two girls are the highlight of my life and I would be lost without them. We are fortunate to have found each other.”, Jessica



• “I DREAM of a world where NO child is sad and lonely because they are still waiting for a FOREVER FAMILY!!! I PRAY that ALL children will have a family to go home to that love and cherish them as they deserve!!! What a WONDERFUL world it would be…. (I have been blessed with 5 kiddos ALL through adoption!!)”, Charlene


• “Today is the one year anniversary of when my son was placed with me! We are going out to celebrate tonight, surrounded by our friends and loved ones!!! Time goes so fast!!!”, Robyn


• “From the moment I walked in the door at Adoption RI, I experienced the profound dedication of the Adoption RI staff. You will not find a more talented, caring and purpose-driven group of professionals than Darleen Allen and her team. It really goes beyond being a job because at Adoption RI, their work is their calling. They are passionate about helping children in foster care and it shows!”, Brian


• “As an adoptive mom of 2 wonderful boys, I am very proud to be a Hasbro employee!”, Cathy


• “I am thankful for all of my children…biological, adopted and foster. And that Adoption RI continues to do such important work for children who don’t have families of their own this year.”, Sandy


• “It was a year ago today Caleb became an official part of our family. Best wishes to all who will experience that joy and happiness!”, Jeff





• “Over 17 years ago, Stephen and I adopted Isaac, and our lives became forever richer and more meaningful. Raising Isaac has been the greatest adventure of our lives. He has filled our home with love and laughter. We’ve shared hard times too, but we knew we were still a family then and that we will always be a family.”, Vivienne


• “I am an adopted child from Rhode Island. My family moved to Virginia, and even though I am not their biological child, I have never felt more at home than with my mom and dad (adopted that is). Words can not express how grateful I am that I was adopted and given an amazing home with amazing parents. Thank you Adoption Rhode Island for the wonderful gifts that you have given me.”, Victoria


• “When I first heard about adoption, I was nervous because I didn’t think that anyone would want me but the staff at ARI showed me differently. They always gave me hope and they always encouraged me to continue to follow my dreams, and never gave up on me. Because of ARI, two days from now my adoption will be finalized. And to all of you children searching for a forever family, I want you to never ever give up and to please trust ARI because that is what I did. I can say that you may face struggles but you are all strong so you can all get through anything. I have faith in all of you and so does ARI so try to have faith in them. Finally thank you ARI for helping me find hope and because of you I can be a kid again.”, Natasha


• “I have had the pleasure of working with Adoption Rhode Island for the past 14 years. I am a Clinical Training Specialist with The Department For Youth and Families, training Foster and Adoptive families. Adoption RI has been instrumental to the success of placing children with these families. The staff have been devoted and committed to ensure that all children find permanent homes. They are supportive community
partners who clearly have made a difference in the lives of children.”, Angela


• “I have appreciated my exposure to the good work that Adoption Rhode Island does in this past year through continuing education programs they have provided. The programs have helped me become more tuned in to the issues faced by adopted children and their families and have enhanced my clinical practice.”, Marjorie


• “I feel fortunate to be a participant in the Collaborative Practice Group, a unique resource for adoption professionals in Rhode Island.This peer group has provided me with a place to discuss ethical concerns in adoption, participate in creative, dynamic and insightful case studies and advance my understanding of post adoption issues in treatment. I particularly enjoy the fact that we share difficulties with empathy as well as successes with laughter and joy.”, Shelley


• “Adoption RI has been the ultimate resource for our family throughout the adoption process. The staff are always there to answer any questions, big or small, and they make you feel that anything that you ask is of utmost importance. Additionally, they are great facilitators of the adoption process. The staff are with you through every step of your journey, whether it be through making time in their busy schedules to meet and spend as much time as needed with you or hosting adoption parties, through which you get to meet children and families who are going through the same emotions as you and your family. They’re always compassionate and make us feel welcome in the adoption community. We feel that our voice is always heard and that the staff at ARI advocate for our needs and our pre-adoptive children’s needs. My husband & I feel as though ARI is part of our family!”, Amanda and Cliff


• “As a clinician at Arcadia Children’s Home I have had the pleasure of working with Adoption RI to support several children as they waited for adoption. The staff is caring, kind and a great resource! The children always look forward to the fun opportunities at ARI, like the Express Yourself Workshops and adoption parties, which provide a great opportunity for the children to see that they are not the only child waiting for a family. A few of the children were able to enjoy the camp experience and they bubbled with joy before they left. I know what a wonderful opportunity it was for them to be able to spend a week away from the children’s home.Thank you Adoption RI for your unwavering commitment to those waiting kids!, Carissa


• “I have a Private Practice in Providence and work closely with Adoption RI (ARI) on behalf of a number of children and families. Over the years and going back to 2002, I participated with ARI specific to clinical services with individual children and families, fundraising events, peer collaboration, support groups, parties and child specific celebrations, State House presentations, and Adoption training opportunities. My clinical knowledge regarding Adoptions and Foster Care is continually enhanced as a result of my relationship with ARI. Regardless of how I have benefitted professionally from my relationship with ARI, their importance is summed up in the words of an adopted young man who said to me “if it wasn’t for Adoption RI, I never would have met my family!” What more important testimonial is there than this!!”, Bill

• “I like Adoption Rhode Island because they helped us
adopt my sister.”, Halina





• “ARI keeps kids hopeful when their is no other hope left of ever having that special parent or forever family. I went into DCYF and Foster care at the age of 8 years old struggling to stay strong as I got shuffled to group homes, shelter, foster home, schools and differents parts of RI. In my time in foster care up till 18 years old I ended with a grand total of 19 homes and moves in 19 years of my still young life. For kids in Foster Care and the system my little or big words of advice are to stay strong and grounded no matter how much life gets you down. This is the only way I survived this far is to think ahead about how when you wake up that next day its all going to get better soon! For the Foster Parents and Adopted Parents my advice is to never give up on your children no matter how out of control the kid might seem, that a child look for support and attention, not neglect and abuse. If you every Adopt or Foster NEVER GIVE UP on your child or children no matter how tough that road gets because in the end you will feel the best rewards from your children, their LOVE in return.”, Brooke


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